Here are some useful topics to think about when planning your event.

7th March 2017

Food for Thought

First engagement & breaking the ice You need to get it right from the start. Visitors are time poor so your pre-show marketing will ensure that […]
7th March 2017

Communication and visitor experience

Who will you be engaging with, what would they like to see? What information will allow them to recognise your capabilities or unique selling proposition? Could […]
7th March 2017

How will your on-stand sales strategy deliver?

Estimate the number of visitors you want to meet? Is your estimate realistic? How many people will your staff need to connect with every hour? How […]
6th January 2017

Focus on planning – The business strategy for your event

Good event planning means starting with the end in mind. We know you will have taken many of the following points into consideration. It’s not a […]

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