High Impact, Engaging, Multiuser Applications

We pride ourselves on providing high-impact, engaging multiuser applications for many brands including ITV, Samsung and Shell.  Here you can view a selection of Videos illustrating different apps in play

Increase brand perception

Our Touch Interactive Apps turn ordinary presentations, brochures, images, key messages, case studies, customer feedback, specification data and so on into one interactive experience, allowing your visitor to take their own journey through your products or brand story.


The brain processes information faster when it is presented with visual content

Communicate ideas, not slides

When you’re involved you learn faster, communicate ideas and develop interest with the information you are presented. Each customer should feel special, we enable this through interaction.

Boost your opportunities

It may be nearly impossible for a stand to have all products on display. Our touchscreen software offers a unique experience giving the customer a better understanding of what products and services are available.

When you’re involved you learn faster, communicate and share ideas, do this through interaction

Global / Regional Capability

Example Interactive Mapping

Allowing visitors to see and interact with a map of your offices and/or projects. Multiple touch points allow them to drill down to see images, videos and information with the map giving context as a start point.

A Case Studies Showcase

Sharing your success, proving that you’re leaders in what you do. Always important. Allowing visitors to see them in their own time and choose the case studies most relevant to them ensures a more memorable, impactful engagement.

Visitors can request copies of the case studies to be sent.

Brand Immersion

Many engagements are about fully immersing visitors in your brand and your products. Taking them on a compelling journey through your brand story; introducing or reinforcing the strength and ethos of your brand.

It may include life- style images, videos, product images, pdf’s and branded games.

Seeing which part of the message is most viewed, knowing which content and information has been requested is very powerful.

Media Scatter for Impact

We’re driven by goals and objectives. Some clients just want the wow factor; pure and simple.  Something which stops visitors in the ailse, something which appeals to their senses and their curiosity.

It’s an ice-breaker, a conversation piece. It draws them into your space allowing your staff to engage with them in a meaningful way and leaves a strong memory, an inciteful moment in a busy day at an event.


Technical & Scientific

If your visitors need to see complex data to back up the strength of your products and services, touch it the only way.

Media Activation points can be connected to any point on a technical drawing, building plan and so on allowing visitors to discover the detailed information, video or graphics content behind the selection.

Media can be presented immediately on touch as illustrated here, alternatively the visitor taken to another location where an entire range of further information relating to their selection can be explored.

Market research, Data collection, questionnaires, voting

This can form part of any content creation or act as the primary reason for the engagement.

Visitors are used to airing their opinions on social media platforms. Providing them with the opportunity at live events is a great engagement tool.

Applications can range from a simple form that just records basic data (i.e. Name; Email; Company) to fully immersive questionnaires, surveys,  feedback forms & competitions which include embedded videos and a wide range of question types; including Single Choice; Multiple Choice; Scoring / Ratings; Free Text Input Fields; Information pages and more. We also offer Question Branching, meaning questions can be branched out to sub questions (based on relevance to the user)

Learning & engagement

“Self directed  learning” has been the buzz in the world of L & D for a while now. Throw in the concept of “on-boarding” where new recruits are engaged in the learning process in advance of joining an organisation and there’s a natural fit with  events.  Providing multiple, highly intuitive, well designed touch points allows visitors to navigate through their understanding of your solutions and allows them, where necessary, to engage with your staff with an understanding of what is possible.

It makes for a more in –depth conversation in a shorter time space.

Digitize your documents, provide collatoral requests

Displaying your documents in a digital format gives impact to the content and provides an enjoyable way to browse them.

Allowing your visitor with one touch to select items they would like to be emailed to them is very convenient and allows you to collect your visitor’s details.

Measuring those requests builds a clear picture of the visitors needs and allows for highly focused, targeted follow up.

Video coming soon!

Branded games

Example : Interactive Pairs

Gaming Montage

Our Interactive multi touch Gaming Tables, Kiosks & Walls add fun and excitement to your event or party. Perhaps to be played with established customers over a beer at the end of the day.

We offer a free project appraisal to share your ideas, creating a proposal for engaging your customers at your next event

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